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Admission Form

Personal Details

  • I Do hereby that declare that I have carefully read and understand the rules and regulation framed by the institution and agree to abide by the decisions of the head of the institute from time to time. I shall Sincerely implement all the rules and regulation prescribed in this prospectus. I agree that my admission is Liable to be cancelled if any information in formed incorrect or illegal. Declaration by parents. I Have gone through prospectus $ assure you that my son/daughter/wife obey all rules. He/ She will abide by rules & regulations. Any fees are Non refundable in any case.
    एकदा भरलेली कोर्से फी कोणत्याही कारणास्तव परत मिळणार नाही याची मला पूर्व सूचना दिली आहे.