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Our Goals

  • To be one of the most progressive and innovative Knowledge cities.
  • Establish a knowledge city that will impart world class education in Hospital and Medical Lab and research.Confer technical knowledge, in pace with the latest trends in the technology.
  • Application of these knowledge and skills for the common good of the society with an
    effort to keep India at the forefront of the technological map of the world.
  • Establish Hospital and Medical Lab Education Campus with state of the art infrastructure
    Conduct sequential courses and training programs in collaboration with Hospital and Medical Lab..
  • Develop commercially viable technologies with social relevance
    Design programs exploring emerging frontiers.
  • Providing best of the facilities for studies in Hospital and Medical Lab and research Developing close collaboration with Hospital and Medical Lab through exchange of personnel and
    undertaking consultancy projects.
  • Emphasis on International exchange with renowned overseas educational campus.